Zinger (2013)

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zing ·er  noun \ˈziŋ-ər\

n. Informal
1. A witty, often caustic remark or comeback.
2. A sudden shock, revelation, or turn of events
Zinger is a ground breaking work of singular quality.”

Kevin Higgins, Galway Advertiser


Between the Statues of O’Connell & Larkin


dead pigeon debris is borne on the air
bumper blows the clipped wing clean
and the body left to drain
twitches out of life
into the concrete furrows of the street

Greenland is breaking off the port side
the plane we travel on tilted
drawn back by the earth now and then
Beneath us ice packs open across melting outposts
and terminal glaciers find their way
again into valleys and streams
inching out of mountains
New drifts begin to build and
in our heaving transport
we chart a course that it might be altered –

Greenland is breaking off the port side
we move with the speed of hot metal and kerosene
above the traces of future states
by which the states we know
will be consumed and replaced
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