Galway Launch of new collections from Alan Jude Moore, Elaine Feeney & Stephen Murray

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As if any reminder was needed at this stage, Salmon Poetry are launching new collections from Elaine Feeney (The Radio was Gospel), Stephen Murray (On Corkscrew Hill) and Alan Jude Moore (Zinger) tomorrow, Saturday 9th November, in Galway.

The poets will read and there will be the usual refreshments on hand to keep you going.

Kick off is at 4pm in Club De Burgos, 15 – 17 St. Augustine Street, Galway.
Admission is free and all are welcome to attend.

For more details contact Salmon Poetry at or check out the Zinger Facebook page,


Zinger Launches Next Month Across the Country

Salmon Poetry have lined up launches in Galway and Dublin next month for my new book, Zinger,
along with new collections from Elaine Feeney and Stephen Murray.

Galway Launch – De Burgos, Augustine Street. Saturday 9th Nov @ 4pm

Dublin Launch –  Irish Writers’ Centre, Parnell Square, Dublin 1. Wednesday 20th Nov @ 6.30pm

Both nights should be good fun: books, poets and wine. All welcome.

We Spend Our Time in Georgian Rooms Dreaming of the Future

We spend our time in Georgian rooms dreaming of the future
The river roams narcotics rising through the systems & the streets
We pass these statues all our lives: we do not need their names

The sound of the sky is black with thunder & sheets of cawing gulls
Searching the surf for their purpose & carrion to feed the young
They hover their bulk above the wires of our tiny electric trains

Then drift to outposts & new construction built of dereliction
Into the plain livid always leave behind imaginations –
Fishing boats tilt from side to side dredging bones from the shale

We are past the point of reclamation now we are embedded
Tearing our limbs from the concrete we think it has not set
We drag our bodies from place to place until we find a grave

A worm pit or a scattering that suits our aspiration:
We spend our time in Georgian rooms dreaming of the future
The sound of the sky is black with thunder & sheets of cawing gulls

We telephone              we email          we transmit some feelings
We mark time with photographs of sunshine and kittens
Or Sisyphus a smile singeing his lips

                                                                  set for the last great push


from Zinger (Salmon Poetry, forthcoming 2013) / first published in Southword


Greenland is breaking off the port side
the plane we travel on tilted
drawn back by the earth now and then
Beneath us ice packs open across melting outposts
and terminal glaciers find their way
again into valleys and streams
inching out of mountains
New drifts begin to build and
in our heaving transport
we chart a course that it might be altered –

Greenland is breaking off the port side
we move with the speed of hot metal and kerosene
above the traces of future states
by which the states we know
will be consumed and replaced


Taken from Zinger (due October 2013). First published in The Bare Hands Anthology (2012).