Kevin Higgins

Zinger Review & Readings

Nice review of Zinger in the Galway Advertiser yesterday by poet & critic Kevin Higgins.

‘Alan Jude Moore is a rarity among Irish poets in that his influences are neither Yeats – certainly not the Yeats of ‘Easter 1916’ – nor Kavanagh nor Heaney nor any Irish poet. Instead, his guides are the great Italian Montale, Russian poetry, perhaps the French symbolists and, I think, Pablo Neruda.

His poems are not concerned with being fashionable and, yet, are strikingly modern. In the first two lines of ‘The Futurist’ his originality is on full display: “Somewhere there is your love/Lying in wait like an escalator.” Love has been compared to many things but never before, so far as I’m aware, an escalator.

‘The Power Station Looms Over The Bay’ is a socio-political poem of the most profound sort: “Rise rise twin chimneys rise rise above my mother’s street/of concrete gardens dying mechanics and crumbling railway arches.”

Into the mercilessly disquieting ‘Henry Ford’ Moore crams both “Nazi Party meeting minutes” and that far more sinister document “the early evening television schedule/of talent shows and pageants”. Zinger is a ground breaking work of singular quality.’

The full article, including reviews of new collections from Elaine Feeney and Fred Johnston, can be read online here.

In other Zinger related news, I have a couple of readings coming up: The Monday Echo at The International Bar, Wicklow St., Dublin 2 on 20th January & Over the Edge in Galway on 14th March.

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